Love Story

A Lexington Love Story

A Lexington Love Story

Deborah and Greg were first married in a blizzard 25 years ago. They’ve seen a lot of ups and downs throughout their marriage, including cancer. Throughout it all, the two remain closer than ever. We have loved getting to know this beautiful couple and cannot wait to grant them the vow renewal of their dreams.

An Orange County Love Story

An Orange County Love Story

Esther and Ernesto were living the life they loved and were making plans for a family when cancer reared it’s ugly head. We’ve loved getting to know this sweet young couple and cannot wait to grant them the wedding of their dreams in just a couple of days.

A Windy City Love Story

A Windy City Love Story

Angela and Brad first met as little kids growing up in the same neighborhood. Their mothers were friends and they spent their childhood playing together and becoming good friends. Following high school, they went their separate ways. It wasn’t until years later, when they had both gone through divorces, that they reconnected and saw each other in a new light.

Unfortunately, cancer had other plans for Angela and Brad’s relationship. Wish Upon a Wedding was so touched by Angela and Brad’s beautiful love story and the incredible strength and joy that she has exhibited throughout this journey. We are thrilled to grant their wish for a wedding on December 11 and are so thankful for the amazing team of wish granters who have signed up to help.

A Mountain Side Love Story

A Mountain Side Love Story

Dalen and Stacie first met online several years ago. They began talking and embarked upon a long distance relationship that has turned into the great love of their lives.

This past year, Dalen was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer than has metastasized to his brain. He is currently undergoing aggressive chemotherapy treatments with Stacie standing faithfully by his side.

Wish Upon a Wedding was touched by Dalen and Stacie’s beautiful love story and is excited to grant this wish for them. We’ve enlisted the help of an incredible team of wish granters and can’t wait to make this dream come through for them.

A Texas Love Story

A Texas Love Story

Stephanie and Daryl first met at a friend’s party a couple of years ago. Just sixth months after they started officially dating, Stephanie was diagnosed with breast cancer. From day one, Daryl stood by her side and the two tackled her diagnosis together. Wish Upon a Wedding is honored to be a part of their love story and can’t wait to grant their wish for a dream wedding.

A Virginia Vow Renewal

A Virginia Vow Renewal

David and Angie first met through David’s sister right after high school. They began dating, quickly fell in love and were married not too long after. David and Angie just celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary. They are excited to renew their vows in front of their family and friends and look forward to giving David the gift of dancing with his daughter at their wedding.

A Colorado Love Story


On July 8, 2018, Katie and Erik gathered with family and friends at the picturesque Creekside Event Center near Denver, CO to dedicate their lives to one another. Though they are both young and vibrant, their road to the altar has been filled with challenges.


The two first met in grad school, where they were studying to be teachers. After developing a deep friendship, they started dating. Following graduation, Katie and Erik took teaching jobs in the same area. Just before Christmas in 2017, Erik asked Katie to be his wife.

Just 11 days after their engagement, Katie was diagnosed with Leukemia. Following surgery and an intense chemotherapy regiment, she is finally on the road to recovery.

Wish Upon a Wedding was honored to take part in Katie and Erik’s special day. From the amazing mountain backdrop to the gorgeous flowers, delicious food and personal touches, the couple enjoyed a beautiful day where cancer was not the focus.


As with all of our wishes, we couldn’t have done it without the incredibly generous support of our wish granters. Thank you so much!


Wish Granters:
Wedding Planner: Revel and Roots
Venue: Creekside Event Center
Caterer: You and I Caterers
Photographer: David Alderman Weddings
Music: My Elite DJ
Florist: MJM Designs
Baker: Soul Sprinkle
Make-Up: Creating Perfect Beauty
Linens: Nuage Designs
Garter: The Garter Girl

A New York Wedding – 29 Years in the Making


Claudia and Daniel first met in 1989 when a mutual friend in their neighborhood introduced them. They hit it off right away and soon began dating. A year later, shortly after welcoming their first child, they got engaged – and are still engaged today! After getting engaged, the couple likes to say that “life happened”. They embarked upon many happy years together – raising 2 children, working, camping, gardening, traveling and becoming grandparents. Throughout it all, Claudia and Daniel have remained best friends. They love doing everything together – even grocery shopping – and are truly inseparable.


In 2012, Claudia received some very hard news. She had discovered a lump in her breast and after putting it off for a while, decided to see her doctor. Sadly, she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. She underwent an aggressive treatment plan that included chemotherapy, radiation, a double mastectomy and a full hysterectomy. In 2016, her cancer metastasized to her bones and she underwent a partial hip replacement. Despite the fact that her current treatment plan has come with a host of painful, discouraging side effects, Claudia remains so positive. Her doctor told her early on that it’s the positive people who have an easier time beating cancer, and she has taken it to heart. While she struggles to do many of the things she once enjoyed, she is joyful and keeps trying, all the while, with Daniel by her side.

The couple says they’ve put their wedding off long enough are so excited to exchange vows in front of their family and friends.


We are so honored to grant this wish for Claudia and Daniel and look forward to showering them with a day they won’t soon forget. As always, we are so grateful for the many wish granters who have signed up to make this day possible. We couldn’t do it without you!


Planner: Brilliant Event Planning
Venue/Catering: Mountain View Manor
Photo: Sasithon Photography
Video: Pioneer Media
Beauty: Beautini
Floral: Winston Flowers
Baker: Elliegant Cakes
Stationery: Bella Figura, NYC
Gown: Amsale Aberra
Music: On the Move
Officiant: Rev Richard Rodriguez, Tri State Weddings